Dimensions Wishlist Title

When Lego released the Lego Dimensions video game, I decided to make some  videos featuring characters and vehicles that I would have liked to have  been made.  I created all the models using lDraw and POVRAY..  Below are all three videos and a  photo gallery of my creations.

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Commander Koening & Eagle

Adam West Batman & Batmobile

Angus Young & Gibson SG Spaceship

Stringfellow Hawke & Airwolf

Ash Williams & Necronomicon Altar

Austin Powers & Shaguar

Dr. Evil, Mini-Me & Rocket

Elwood Blues & The Bluesmobile

Admiral Adama & The Battlestar Galactica

Starbuck & Colonial Viper

Bandit & Trans-Am

Ted Theodore Logan & Telephone Booth

Black Widow & Quinjet

Ghost Rider & Hell Cycle

Spiderman & Spiderbuggy

Blade & Dodge Charger

Wolverine & Sentinel

Iron Man & Hulk Buster

Rocket & Groot

James Bond & Aston Martin & Lotus Espirit Submarine

Wilma Deering & Starfighter

Cheer Bear & Cloudmobile

Colonel John Matrix & Rocket Launcher

Captain Kirk & USS Enterprise

Captain Sisko & USS Defiant

Bender & Planet Express Ship

Green Hornet & Black Beauty

Godzilla & Mothra

Han Solo & The Millenium Falcon

Darth Vader & TIE Advanced Fighter

Snowtrooper & AT-AT

Jango Fett & Slave 1

Happy Gilmore & Aligator

He-Man & Battle Cat

Skeletor & Land Shark

She-Ra & Swiftwind

Indiana Jones & Mine Car

Magnum P.I. & Ferrari

Mr. Bean & Mini Cooper

Captain Jack Sparrow & The Black Pearl

Pingu & Snow Sled

Robocop & ED-209

Wayne Campbell & The Mirth Mobile

Garth Algar & Toonces The Driving Cat

Stone Cold Steve Austin & ATV

Snoopy & Doghouse

Barf & Eagle-5

Dark Helmet & Mega-maid!

Starsky & Gran Torino

Stewie & Laser Cannon

Stitch & Spaceship

Straweberry Shortcake & Oven

Michaleangelo & Party Wagon

Maverick & F14 Tomcat

Buzz Lightyear & RC

Bumblebee & Optimus Prime

Optimus Transformed

Lance & Voltron

Eve & Wall-E

Weird Al Yankovic & Accordion

Paul McCartney & Yellow Submarine

Jack Burton & The Pork Chop Express

Cobra Commander & Hiss Tank

Barney & Expdendables Plane

Bo Duke & The General Lee