Classic Space Title

Classic Space Long Range Explorer Mega Cruiser

Small Mega Cruiser

One of my favoritre themes growing up was the Classic Space line of Lego, especially the three spaceships they had, the small fighter, the transport, and the explorer.  Several years ago I decided to build what I believed would be the next ship in the line, the Long Range Explorer Mega-Cruiser.  The Mega-Cruiser was twice the size of the original Galaxy Explorer.

Side View

Front View, Mini Ship

Flight Deck and Living Quarters

Flight Deck and Living Quaters

Mini Ship Hangar

Mini Walker

Classic Space Revisited

These creations are updated versions of some of the original Classic Space sets.

6801 Moon Buggy

Original 6801 Moon Buggy

Updated 6801 Moon Buggy Front

Updated 6801 Moon Buggy Rear

918 One Man Spaceship

Original 918 One Man Spaceship

My updated version includes the Pteranabot, a recon droid.

Rear view

Drone in Travel Position

924 Space Transporter

Original 924 Space Transporter

Updated 924 Front

Rear View

Forklift and Rear Doors Open

Forklift Close-up

483 Alpha 1 Rocket Base

Original 483 Alpha 1 Rocket Base

Updated Version

Updated Version

Rocket Gantry Down For Launch

Fuel Truck

A New Addition, Spot-Bot!

Another Addition, A Classic Space Power Lifter

Power Lifter

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